the css menu is not a problem

Nov 18, 2008

Pop Up window

I'm working on this site and on the gallery button I want a pop-window that is smaller then the main page so they are not taken off the page and can close when done. How would I do that?  thanks


you can do it via simple javascript code,

the menu button code:
<div><a href='javascript:new_window();'>Gallery</a></div>

The javascript code:
function new_window(){'','mywindow','width=400,height=200')


Nov 11, 2008

Does search spider simulators see your menus?

I am very interested in buying your product, but how can I be sure that search engines can really see your menus?  I have used search engine spider simulators to look at some of the sites listed at, but the search engine simulators do not appear to see the menu items.  This is very important to me.  Do you have a list of search engine simulators web sites that can index your menus?

Thank you,
Dave Kinskey


Hi Dave,
some webmasters use XML instead of HTML links,
XML is not SEO friendly!

For instance, in our list: - XML - XML - HTML - XML - HTML

I recommend to install Lynx browser, to view how search spiders index websites.
Or use some lynx browser simulator, like this: