the css menu is not a problem

Apr 30, 2008

Menu size - space above and below the menubar

Ive downloaded the free version of this dream weaver extension.
When i put this into the Webpages, it adds extra space to the top and bottom of the cell that it is in.   I have tried changing the 'main menu height' but it doesn't change, it still adds this extra space.
Is there a setting that i need to change to remove this or can it not be changed?



Hi Mike,

1. The space above - remove   symbol before the DIV id="menu"
2. The space below - the flash object has height="62", try to reduce the value.


Very long submenu

Thank you sir,
That has helped.  Now I do have 1 other question before I present this to my
supervisor to see if we can get the software or not.  With the drop downs,
how do I add more?  I actually need 24 sub menus on one button, I have all
of them in the code, but they don't all show when I test it out.  If you
could help that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Greg Borgard


the max height of the flash is limited by 450px by default,
but you can change the value.

- open your copy of the script "ActiveContentDropDown.js"(by default
the script is loaded in the head of your page from
(the script provided in the menu package)
- find the string "areah=450"
- set desired value, for example "areah=600"


Update Active X

I don't have a problem on my computers, but on a friend's that has not got the latest Flash update the menu doesn't load and asks to update Active X, eventually the menu appears, but when you navigate to another page the same thing happens again. I don't want force clients to have to update to view the page, is there anything I can do?
PS I do have some other flash going on the index page but not on the others, which still have the same problem


Hi Melanie,
our menus require flash player version 6 or higher.

Probably dreamweaver has set codebase ="...version=9,0,28,0" for both flash movies.

<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,28,0"

You can replace it with codebase ="...version=7,0,0,0" for example:

<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0"


The menu is not long enough

I placed the menu in my site using tables. I can't get the menu to be long enough. I tried extending it by pulling it but it still will not change. Is there a way to give put space between each menu item. I also tried changing the width (750) put that will not work. I don't want the table width to extend.
Hope that makes sense.



Hi Cheryl,
all you need is to set the parameter stretch_width_to = '750px'
(the flash object must have similar width = 750)


Apr 26, 2008

Space above and below the Menu in dreamweaver

I am writing you to ask a question about your product.  My company is thinking about purchasing the vista dropdown menu (maybe the package of all of them).  But before that happens they asked me to test out the demo and see how well it works.  Now I've downloaded the Vista dropdown and placed it in dreamweaver.  But the issue I am having is I place it in a cell below my heading and above another flash file.  The vista drop down seems to enlarge the cell it is in, height.  I don't knwo why.  It has a lot of extra space above it which I would like to remove.  Please advise.


possibly you forgot to remove &nbsp; symbol in the table cell (space above),
try to reduce the height of the flash object (space below)

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


Apr 24, 2008

Tabbed Menu and Flat Vertical Menu problem

I have your tabbed menu item which I purchased a couple of years ago and I love it. I am thinking of purchasing your bundle package because I think the variety of menu options is fabulous. I have two questions.

1. When I put in text that had an apostrophy it did not show up within the menu. Is there some code that can be put in similiar to the bold code to show an apostrophy?

2. When I put the flat vertical menu in the sub pop-up menu was hidden behind another flash image I had on the website. is there anything that will allow me to have the sub-menus go on the top of the other flash image?

Thank you.


1. You can escape the apostrophe with a backslash to solve the problem: "Bill\'s Company"

2. Add wmode=transparent to the ANOTHER flash movie, see example here: ==> - Drop down menu seem to be dropping underneath another flash movie. How to fix it?


Apr 21, 2008

Visual Studio 2005/2008 Support


 I understand that you prefer to support Dreamweaver, but I did not find clear instructions about how to setup and install your component directly in my page using Visual Studio or even notepad.

 Is not it supported at all? Do I need Dreamweaver to use your product?

  Thanks and regards,


Hi Orly,
you will need Dreamweaver to generate necessary files and code.

In fact the menu is just HTML code + SWF file.
If you don't have Dreamweaver I will send you ready-to-use files after purchase.

You will be able to edit a menu in any text/html editor.


Danish letters in the Vista menu


Last year i bye your vista drop down meny and i am happy for that. But i need to use danish letters in the menus and that i not an option as default letters in the menu. How do i fix that problem?

  Dennis - Denmark


Hi Dennis,
use "google encoding":

or XML:

in xml you can write any symbols as is, without encoding.


Number of Buttons

I'm creating a web site that will have 8 different buttons in the menu bar with numerous submenu buttons. Is this possible? All the samples I have seen have only had a maximum of 6 buttons at the top. If it's possible, could you tell me how to add the buttons once I purchase it?



of course it is possible.
Just copy and paste a single line of code in the DIV id="menu".

I recommend to start with a blank page using these simple steps:

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


Yahoo Style Menu Bar - display over HTML

Im very sorry if I have missed how to do this within your helpful and informative instructions and tutorials.

But how do I get my yahoo style menu to display OVER normal HTML?  and is this feature within all the menus? or just the newer ones i have downloaded recently.

Whilst Im asking questions how do i also get my websites that i have used f-source menus on your list of menu user links.

Keep up the good work F-source !!

Andy Connell


Hi Andy,
the menu must dispaly over normal html by default.

Possibly you forgot to disable the active content converter:

- disable the active content converter
- remove all the menu code from your page
- insert the menu again

I recommend to start with a blank page using these simple steps:

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


Apr 17, 2008

Contribute - Vista Drop Down Menu becomes unusable

I am using a Vista Drop down menu in one of the website I just put
together. The client wants to be able to edit some of the pages.
When I use contribute for editing the Vista drop down menu changes and
becomes unusable. It seems to loose all of its settings reverting
back to button 1 button 2 ect... It also looses it's links.

Please Advise.


I heard about the problem: contribute convert the flash menu code
with the function "AC_FL_RunContent"

To avoid it, you can lock the code using Library item or Templale
repeating region.


Apr 14, 2008

Menu centering in a table cell

How to align the menu to center on a page regardless
of window width.

I need center the flash in a cell of a table or fix de width because i
change de table values dinamically.


just put the DIV id="f-source-menu" in another DIV or table cell with

For example:

<div align="center">
<div id="f-source-menu">

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


Apr 12, 2008

Mozilla Firefox scrolling div issue

Yes, the scrolling div captures the focus and the drop down menu is
not working above the div.
I've tried to remove the style "overflow:auto".
That helped, but the content in that box is often times longer than
the box so I still need the ability to scroll.

Do you know of any workarounds for that problem?
I saw something in a forum about putting the flash content in an iframe.
Would that help?


Iframe is not ideal solution.
Looks like I've found a better workaround:

- try to use "position:fixed" instead of relative for the DIV

<div id="f-source-menu" style="position:fixed;....

In this case the menu won't lose the focus above the scrolling DIV.


Is there a way I can use atomz instead of google?

There is a search form code for html integration, but is it possible
to embed in the menu?
here's the atomz code:

<!-- Atomz HTML for Search -->
<form method='get' action=''>
<input type='hidden' name='sp_a' value='sp1003f360'>
<input size='15' name='sp_q'>
<input type='submit' value='Search'>
<input type='hidden' name='sp_p' value='all'>
<input type='hidden' name='sp_f' value='ISO-8859-1'>


Yes, here is the search button code for HTML navigation settings (DIV

<div ><a href='
%26sp_f=ISO-8859-1%26sp_q=' target='_blank'>Search</a></div>

here is the search button code for XML:

<div ><a href='
&sp_f=ISO-8859-1&sp_q=' target='_blank'>Search</a></div>


Apr 9, 2008

Incorporating flash menus into another flash movie

I really like your menu system and it seems logical (and cost
effective) to just buy the tool and go with it. The only problem I
have is, what I * really * want to do is incorporate a pull up or down
menu that exists as a layer within a flash presentation, with a
'movie' background. I have the movie background down pat, now I want
to 'layer' a menu over it. It is a great effect! To see exactly the
type of pull down menu I am talking about, please visit: If your product can do this, I'll buy. I
am afraid that because it is a 'plug' of sorts, I won't have access to
the raw .fla code, that would allow me to do such a thing?



Hi Kyle,
there is no need to incorporate a menu into another flash movie.

Use CSS styles to place a menu over the flash presentation.

Don't use z-index, just add wmode=transparent to the flash presentation,
see example here: ==> - Drop down menu seem to be dropping underneath another flash movie. How to fix it?


z-index and Flash

Hello, I have a macromedia style menu (I think it's that one) that I
am using just above a Flash object. The drop down menus seem to be
dropping underneath my Flash area. I've tried messing around with the
z-index of both the menu as well as the animation that appears
underneath it. I think i found that suggestion on one of your blogs
or another site.

What might i be doing wrong here? Is there a workaround?



the issue described in our FAQ. ==> Drop down menu seem to be dropping underneath another flash movie. How to fix it?

You need to add wmode="transparent" to the flash object below the menu.

Since you are using the AC_FL_RunContent function, you need to add
"wmode" in the function


Mac Style Menu - Jumps to middle

Hi, just bought the menus and have used one here

the menu bar is a bit long, I was wondering how to shorten it to the
legnth of the buttons. also it seems to jump to the gallery, no matter
what page I am on. So that it looks like I am on the gallery page even
when I am not
any suggestions



Hi Dave,

1. Use parameter _BUTTONWIDTH to shorten each button/tab.
To shorten the submenu bar you need to put the menu in another DIV or
table cell with a smaller width.

2. The menu has a parameter "_activeBNum". (3 by default)

I recommend to set on your first page _activeBNum=1, on your second
page _activeBNum=2 and so on.
To show your visitors where they are.


Precise centering of the menu bar

I've put the menu in a table TD <td height="45" align="center">,
but the menu is not centered exactly in the middle of the table.

Any thoughts?
Common problem?


Hi Bruce,
I've tested your code.

The DIV id="f-source-menu" enclosed in the SPAN <span
style="position:relative;"> and <div align="center">
1. Remove the SPAN.
2. Remove another surrounding DIV <div align="center">.

The menu will be centered by the TD <td height="45" align="center">

To make more precise centering you need to set a real menu bar width
to the flash object. The real menu width is about 595, but your flash
object width is 630.


Apr 8, 2008

Local testing, exteral links don't work

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the quick reply, i have a quick question for you about the
the menu bar buttons, i have it inserted into a Div tag in

When viewing them on the website the menu bar works like it is
supposed to but when i try to click on the drop down button links they
dont do anything i just stay at the main page, when i link files that
are contained in the main folder to it, that works though, so how do i
link external site when the buttons dont work when adding an adress?


Everything will work, when you publish the page on a server.

To make it work locally, visit:

And set "Always allow" (for local testing) in the online setting manager.


Apr 7, 2008

Mac Tab/Nav Bar movement - return to default active button

Not sure if this is my problem (probably is) but when using the Mac
Style Menu, irrespective of which Nav Tab I select, it seems to revert
back to Button 3 once I move my cursor elsewhere on the screen.

Wondered if you can advise.

Many thanks and regards

Paul Garrett


Hi Paul,
the menu has a parameter "_activeBNum".

I recommend to set on your first page _activeBNum=1, on your second
page _activeBNum=2 and so on.
To show your visitors where they are.


Apr 4, 2008

Navigation and iframe, open a link in an iframe

Hi Corinne,
I've tested your code and found that everything is correct,
it will work only if you replace the iframe name and id with "content"
instead of "_content".

Rather strange, but now it work in all browsers.

<iframe class="frame" name="content" id="content" frameborder="0"></iframe>

and the button link:

<div><a href=''



> Hi
> I've tried to conntact you over the support on the homepage, but whenever I
clicked on view and send, my browser crashed.
> So I decided to write to you directly. I have a the following problem:
> I'm using the vista menu and a iframe in my page. My submenu button
'Endontologie' of the mainbutton 'Angebote' should open a new html page in
the iframe.
> <div><a href='flash/endodontologie.html'
> <iframe class="frame" name="_content" frameborder="0"></iframe>
> Iframe style:
> iframe.frame
> {
> position: absolute;
> margin-left: -440px;
> left: 50%;
> width: 100%;
> height: 480px;
> visibility: visible;
> text-align:center;
> border: none;
> z-index: 6000;
> }
> This all works great in the internet explorer but firefox opens a neu
browser windows to display the linked page instead of displaying it in the

> Thx for your help.
> Greets
> Corinne

Apr 2, 2008

Is this like Spry? Self contained extension?

yes, the extension is all self contained in Dreamweaver.
You don't need to have flash.

No problem with other flash.

Try to test a free version.

I recommend to start with a blank page using these simple steps:

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


> Is this feature all self contained inside of Dreamwerver or do I
need to creat some features in Flash?
> And I see that there are issues with other FLash files on the
site, I use them alot and do not need to cause myself un due problems

Apr 1, 2008

XML format (Save As UTF-8)

Many thanks!!

I have finaly made it!
My problem was that I was creating a .xml file from Dreamweaver CS3...
but with the notepad it went all good.

Best regards
Pedro Gouveia

> Hi Pedro,
> all you need is to save the XML file in UTF-8 format.
> For example in the Notepad:
> Save As ==> Format ==> UTF-8.
> Dmitry
> >
> > Some days ago I sent to you an email with this same problem, and yet I
did not solve it because you didn't answer me properly.
> > Problem:
> > I want to put some special characters in a xml like '%uFFFD' or
> > I have already tried your FAQ notes and couldn't manage to solve this.
> > Here are the URL's:
> >
> >

> > Please, try to help me fast because I can't put that page online too
much time that way.
> >
> > Regards
> > Pedro Gouveia
> >