the css menu is not a problem

Jun 28, 2008

menu button onclick

Thank you so much!

You can find the page at:

I'm trying to get the submenu links off of "Housing & FInancial" on the
Vista Navigation Bar to link to the appropriate tabbed panels on the bottom
right of the page. Each main menu item on the main navigation bar will have
its own page, and each submenu item will be placed in the tabs on the right
side of each page. The code for the external trigger to open each tab is:

The number 1 refers to the number of the submenu item. The 2nd submenu item
would have the following code: onclick="P7_TPtrig('p7tpc2_2')" etc.

When I add this code to a Dreamweaver spry men bar it works, but I can't get
it to work on the Vista Nav Bar.

Any help you can give me would be great.

Herocare, Inc.
(877) HERO-411  Ext. 3


Hi Alyson,
there is a function inside of the DIV id="f-source-menu":

function JSF(url){alert("javascript: "+url);}

Here is instrunctions how to use it:


<div><a href='p7tpc1_1' target='callJSF'>Button1</a></div>
<div><a href='p7tpc2_2' target='callJSF'>Button2</a></div>

function JSF(url){
  if(url=="p7tpc1_1") { P7_TPtrig('p7tpc1_1') }
  if(url=="p7tpc2_2") { P7_TPtrig('p7tpc2_2') }


Jun 25, 2008

How to center menu in webpage

I'm trying to use the Metalic menu for DreamWeaver & can't figure out how to get it to center in the page instead of aligning to the left.
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Julie McWright


Hi Julie,
just put the DIV id="f-source-menu" in another DIV or table cell with

<div align="center">
 <div id="f-source-menu">


Jun 24, 2008

Menu doesn't overlap a drop down list

The adobe style menu doesn't overlap a drop down list.
How can I fix it?


it's a common problem for IE.
The drop down list appears on top of everything in IE.

I recommend to use this solution:

(Replace your drop down list with this code)

<div id="dselect" style="color: rgb(105, 105, 105); display: none;">
<select id="citys" class="info" style="width: 160px;"
onchange="document.getElementById('selected').innerHTML ='Selected city: '+this.value; ch(true,false,true);">
<option value="any">Select a city</option>
<option id="cityNY" value="NY">New York</option>
<option id="cityLA" value="LA">Los Angeles</option>

<div id="dlink" style="display: block;">
<a href="javascript:ch(false,true,false)" style="color: rgb(116, 175,
225);">Select a city</a>

<div id="selected" style="color: rgb(105, 105, 105); display: none;"></div>

function ch(dlink,dselect,selected){
var divs = ['dlink','dselect','selected']
for(var i=0; i<3; i++) {
document.getElementById(divs[i]).style.display = 'block';
document.getElementById(divs[i]).style.display = 'none';



Jun 23, 2008

search box config POST or GET method

 I purchased the Live Style menu. It's a very quality product. I should have purchased all menus. Can I upgrade my single domain purchase of $33.33 to an All Multidomain Menus purchase of $99.99 by paying only the difference of $66.66?

Is it possible to use the Live Style search box with a script that uses the POST method? For example, this is what I currently use:
%u2039form method='POST' action=''%u203A%u2039input type='text' name='keywords' size='30'%u203A%u2039input type='submit' value='Search' name='B1'%u203A%u2039/form


I have tried many ways, but can't get it to work. I've also tried a few GET methods, but I can't get those to work either. I've searched your impressive list of responses to questions, but can't find the answer after many hours. A search box would be helpful ;]  Thanks for your time.



Hi Ryan,
1. Yes, use this special link please:

[ truncated ]

2. A menu can search only with the GET method.

You can easily adapt any GET search, using these steps:

- Test a search form, make a search of "test string"
- Copy a resulting URL from a browser address bar.
- Replace & with %26 in the resulting URL (do not replace, if you keep the DIV id="menu" in an XML file)
- Move the query parameter (q=test+string) to the end of the URL and remove the "test string"

For example a google custom search generates this URL:

A menu search button should have this URL:
a href="


Jun 20, 2008

Submenu with a lot of links

I've got a submenu with a lot of links (almost 96). The menu stop at the 19th position and don't write the others. How can I do to see all my links?
I try to set the 'height' parameter of the flash object to 10000. It works but my web page is quite big...



you can extend only the maximum height for submenus:

- open your copy of the script "ActiveContentDropDown.js" or
(your page should have a link to the script in the head) (the JS file
is included in a menu package)
- find the string "areah=450"
- set desired value, for example "areah=900"


Long link doesn't work

Hi I purchased this product and I am try to add link to

And it won't work and it apears it is because the '&' in the link.  When I put it in it blanks the bar out from that button on. How do I get around this.  I have already implemented this product on another site with no problems.


replace & with %26.

Also possibly the word "style=" affects.

Try to replace it (style=narrow) with something else.


Jun 19, 2008

Submenu height limit

Where's Dmitry?  I've sent 2 emails to the support email address but both were returned in error?  He had helped me with some previous menu issues, I always appreciated it.  Prompt and professional.

I've run into another problem that I can't figure out.  One of my drop down menus gets cut off on the bottom?  Is there a maximum limit to the number of menu choices they can hold?

Could I send you a screen shot or the XML code that populates the menu so you could actually see this issue?

Test link: Click on 'Online Catalog' and then 'And More...' on the menu at the top of the page.  In the drop down submenu of 'And More...', the last four menu choices are being cut off...

This site is about finished so any help would be greatly appreciated,


Brian Dykes
1916 Fox Mountain Road
Columbus, NC 28722


Hi Brian,
you can extend the maximum height for submenus:

- open your copy of the script
- find the string "areah=450"
- set desired value, for example "areah=600"


Where to get file 'ActiveContent3_2a.js'


I just bought your product and it's great. In the code there is a message saying that I can get this .js file so it speeds up script loading. Where can I get this for download?


Cristian Rojas


Hi Cristian,
the script file is included in the menu package.


Jun 18, 2008

Menu doesn't displays above flash content

Dear Sir/Madam,
The links are directly above another flash content and the submenu goes behind the content instead of overlaying the content below. How can I fix it?


add wmode="transparent" to the OTHER flash content,
see example here:  ==> - Drop down menu seem
to be dropping underneath another flash movie. How to fix it?


turn off the menu graphic

Are you able to turn off the menu graphic? Meaning if I wanted to use your menus just showing the text without the bar graphic the menu sits on, is that possible? Do you have  a version on the site for that?

great stuff BTW


Hi Jeff,
yes, it is possible.
Use transparency parameters
(for example: Yahoo! Style Menu Bar -

_TransparencyMain - regulate the transparency of the main menu bar (0 - 100)
_TransparencyShadow - regulate the transparency of the main drop
shadow (0 - 100)
_TransparencySub - regulate the transparency of the submenus (0 - 100)

0 - fully transparent


Jun 13, 2008

Multicolor Web Menu - how to resize?

I bought the full version of your product;
I have this question:
How can I resize a single button? for example when I customize this menu i want to add more buttons but I need to resize them obviously because at the moment the menu bar go outside my page width (800px).
At the moment I resize only all the webmenu bar, but, if want to resize buttons individually, how can I do?


Hi Alex,
the width of each button depends on a caption text length.

The parameter "_mainButWidthExt" regulates the additional width
extension for each button.

Try to reduce the value of _mainButWidthExt.


Jun 2, 2008

Download a file via menu button click

It's posible to set one of the button to force a download of a particular file?
Can you provide me with alittle code sample to set the button?

Thank You

Daniel Diez


Here is an example of button code:
<div><a href='' target='_self'>Download</a></div>

href='[direct link to the file]'


Call javaScript function from menu

Is it possible to call javaScript function from menu and how. I tried like:

<div><a href='#' onclick = 'doSomething()' > Do something</a></div>

but it doecs not work. All the menu gone.



Yes, it's possible.
Use our function JSF(url) and  target='callJSF'

For example:

<div><a href='firstURL' target='callJSF'>Button1</a></div>

function JSF(url){
 if(url=="firstURL") { doSomething() }
 if(url=="secondURL")alert("Second button is pressed");

The function can be found in the DIV id="f-source-menu".