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Feb 19, 2015

Sitewide updates for static websites in 2 mouse clicks

Swimbi release 1.6.0

What's new in the version:
Sitewide menu update with a single click.
- Simple template engine for static websites (update any repeating content)
- Even more icons for your navigation menu, 520+
- Improved source code editor ("Publish"==>"View Code"==>Edit==>Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Alt+S on Mac OS ) if you want to digg in the code.
- Fixed copy-paste in Mac OS X, and other issues.

Sitewide update for static websites

Sitewide UpdateSitewide Update
Why iframes or frames are still widely used (by novice web developers)?
Despite the fact that frames (or iframes) considered as a bad practice, many website developers still use them to embed one part of a page into another. As for menu, it is considered as typical webpage repeating element and often inserted in iframes. Besides other drawbacks, drop down menu is limited by its own frame size and cannot overlap other frames. That's why we do not recommend using frames or iframes at all.

To help solve the problem of updating all pages we made the "Sitewide Update" or "Simple Template Engine" feature, to help our clients with simple static pages.

You can update not only navigation menu, but any repeating elements of your website.
Just add the prefix to the elements IDs "sw-repeat-" to make Swimbi update it.
Click "Publish" button as usual...

Swimbi Publish buttonSwimbi Publish buttonThen "Update All"...

Swimbi Update All buttonSwimbi Update All buttonand "Update" button below the pages list.

Update static pages windowUpdate static pages window

Read more about the simple template engine

Download the latest version of the menu builder