the css menu is not a problem

Nov 10, 2009

Macromedia Style Menu - Javascript Popups

Is it possible to use javascript behaviors to open up specific sized popups with the f-source Macromedia Style menu?


Of course,
the menu can execute any javascript function.

Recomended way to do this:
- menu button code <div><a href='javascript:myFunction1()'>Test JavaScript</a></div>
(write in the Link field of the UI - javascript:myFunction1()

- Add the script to your page

<script type="text/javascript">
function myFunction1(){'download','Download_window','width=350,height=250,left='+(screen.width-350)/2+',top='+(screen.height-350)/2+',menubar=0,toolbar=0,status=1,scrollbars=1,resizable=1');
window</title></head><body bgcolor="#ffffff"


May 7, 2009

How to load menu settings in Dreamweaver?

A couple of weeks ago, Dreamweaver suddenly wasn't coming up and I had to do a reinstall of the Adobe program suite.  After doing that, the extensions still showed in the extension manager but not on the menus.  Once I re=enabled them, the extension options showed on the appropriate Dreamweaver menus.

The problem is that now that this happened, although the saved files still show the menu as I want it, when I go into your program to edit it - no entries that I made show at all.  The color I used is gone as well as all of the links.

I checked the menu.swf file, and it's bck to the default black menu with the default links showing.  If I save my template, it saves the menu with all of the default values.

My question is:  is there a way that I can re=establish the link from the template (editing) to the existing file that the other html files are all pulling the info from.  I don't know what file to use that might help (the js?)

Any suggestions you may have are greatly appreciated.
I really don't want to have to recreate the entire menu bar and color scheme.



If you have a page with this menu just open the UI and click "Save".
Then you will be able to insert the same menu into other pages.

Also I recommend to update the UI -


Apr 12, 2009

Presets and Configuration

HOW can I save and transfer my configurations and presets and transfer it to another computer.


The f-source UI can read menu settings from:
- automatic saves.
- user saves (Presets and Configurations)
- HTML page with a menu.

Just open a page with a menu in another computer.


Apr 4, 2009

Drop Down Menu question - Named Anchors


First of all your drop down menus have made my life so much easy. Not being a expert web programmer they are perfect for me. I do have a question though, can you nominate named anchors with the drop down menus in dreamweaver cs3? I have a page where i have a lot of text and I wanted to make my drop down menus anchor with the corresponding text.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Spiros Giannos


Hi Spiros,
why not,
 our menus can work with named anchors,
for example you can use a link like this

It will scroll the page down to the anchor - <a name="configuration"></a>


Feb 4, 2009

Drop down stopping

The yahoo menu drop down seems to not be clickable when it reaches the bottom of the div in Firefox. however it works in IE.

Only one page has working menu. Site is under development.


The problem solution is
overflow:auto; removal in the DIV id="panel-holder-contentP"

The DIV with the style captures the mouse focus.
The menu losing its focus and submenus disappearing.