the css menu is not a problem

May 31, 2008

Does your menu work over other flash?

We are setting up the trial version to see if it will work for our site.  but when we try to overlay it on another flash bg the sub menus dissapear.  We've been able to adjust the z-index which allows the main menu to overlay the flash - but not the sub. Also does this work in firefox?  There is a line of scriped error on the top of the page in firefox.  We definitely need these 2 things to be supported in order for it to work on our site/ purchase the full version.  our demo sits here and you can see the issues i'm referring to.


add wmode="transparent" to the flash bg, to make the menu to overlay
on another flash bg,

2. Don't remove the ID = "f-source-menu". Flash menu object will work
only within the DIV id="f-source-menu".

3. If you want to add z-index to the menu, enclose the DIV in another DIV:

<div style="position:absolute; z-index:99;">
  <div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;">

4. Remove the comment line: <!--<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh"
CONTENT="30">----> to fix that script error.


May 30, 2008

Flash Content underneath

Hi I have some flash content on my site and am using your Flat Vertical Menu for Dreamweaver when I mouseover the menus they do not show over my flash content


you need to add wmode="transparent" to the flash content code,
see example here:  ==> - Drop down menu seem
to be dropping underneath another flash movie. How to fix it?


May 29, 2008

How to add button sounds?

I have the vista nav bar. How do I add/change the sounds for the buttons?


the menu has parameters:
- clickSoundURL,
- mainSoundURL,
- subSoundURL,

Upload mp3 files on a server,
set URLs, for example
clickSoundURL: sounds/myClickSound.mp3 (relative path)
clickSoundURL: (absolute path)

Sample MP3s are attached.


May 28, 2008

IE7 problem - absolute and relative positions

My menu works fine in Firefox but in IE7 the drop down menu is going behind other items at the top of the page. I have the div for the menu as the first item under body with its position set to absolute. The other divs are relative. Is this a bug with IE7?


Remove the CSS rules "position:relative;" from your site items, for
example, "a5-header-text"

Or put the DIV id="f-source-menu" in another DIV with absolute position.
For example:

<div style="position:absolute; z-index:99;">
    <div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;">


May 23, 2008

Yahoo Menu Bar not displaying over crossfading images

Hi - love the menus and am testing the Yahoo Style menu at however the menu displays behind the crossfading images.
I realise it may not be the menu, can the menu be coded to always appear on top? or is it because teh crossfading is loading a new image it will overwrite whats already there?


the crossfading images have absolute position.

You need to enclose the DIV id="f-source-menu" in another DIV with
absolute position and z-index.
(z-index for DIV id="menu" doesn't take effect)

For example:

<div style="position:absolute; z-index:999;">
     <div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;">


May 21, 2008

Search engine feature

I have a menu bar with a search engine box and could never get it to work, so I'm ready to get rid of the whole thing.  I would like to buy yours, but I need to know if I would have the same problem or do you have instructions for getting the search engine to work.  If not, would it be possible to get the menu bar without the search box?  thanks, kim


I think you have both options with our menus:
- make it work
- or easily remove the searchField

Try to find instructions here:

I recommend to start with a blank page using these simple steps:

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


May 20, 2008

Vertical Scrollbars on my home page


When installing the EDGE dynamic menu on my private web page, for some reason the menu has increased the height of my page dramtically and now has scroll bars down the side.

The width appears to be ok.
Is there anyway to reduce the height of the page?

Kind Regards,


Hi Stuart,
try to add the CSS rule "display:none" to the DIV id="menu".


May 19, 2008

Navigation to Main Frame

Hi, I wonder if you can help.
I have put the Adobe style menu in my top frame (I have three - Top, Left and main) and I am wanting to know 2 things...
1. How do I get the menu to appear on top of the frames below, the lower menu items when an item is selected is hidden behind the lower frames.
2. How do I get a menu item to open a page in the main frame?

Thanks and apologies but I am a beginner!



Hi Andy,
2. You need to set target="FrameName" for each link: <a href="..."

1. Drop down menu cannot appear on top of another frame. It is
possible with iframes.
But in general, I recommend to avoid using frames or iframes. Probably
you are looking for a way to keep the menu code in one file, I recommend to use
XML instead:

If you cannot get rid of frames, use horizontal menu, such as Macromedia


May 15, 2008

Vista Sliding Menu XML

Well I finally got the menu bar all set-up. There must be a bug in my
Dreamweaver program.

I went in and looked at my Active content converter and it was unchecked as
it should be. Just for the heck of it, I checked it and saved it, then went
in and unchecked it again and resaved it and then started from scratch.
After doing that everything worked fined. I was able to simply set-up the
menu bar and all the links tracked properly. Just to make sure it wasn't me,
I tried again from scratch and it would not work until I went through the
process of checking and unchecking the Active Content Converter???? Anyway
it works now and I am already to load it.

I love the way it looks and works BUT I am now having problems loading it
into my website.  So can you give me a step by step of how to replace my old
menu with the new one? I ask for your patience, though. Just to mention I
build my website myself and can move around Dreamweaver pretty well, but I
am self taught, so I am dangerous. There is a lot I know and can do, but
there are definite gaps in my knowledge. So consider me a newbie.

I set-up the page just like it says in your "Easy Steps for Newbie's"

So I have several files. I have a "Menu.swf", I have a "Menu.html" and I
set-up a "navigation.xml". I changed the xml_path in the Flash Element in
the Menu.html to the navigation file. But I just see a blank area where my
menu should be on my local site pages. I tried to follow your directions
that come with the menu but I am obviously doing something wrong.

2 things I am unclear on -

1) I am unclear on the Navigation.xml. Let me verify that when I opened up a
blank xml file and copied the "DIV id="menu" and I copy each line of the
entire menu and my links. Correct?  But nothing else that was in the HTML. I
have attached that file for you to look at.
I left line 1 in when you set-up a blank XML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
- should that stay with the page?
I tried it both ways, with it in and out of the file. It mad e no

2) When in Dreamweaver, I test the menu bar by pushing f12 and every thing
looks good. The menu bar comes up with a white background and works
properly, but when I exit Dreamveaver and test the site pages locally, it
does not come up at all, the site page comes up with a blank spot where the
menu should be.

I moved the three files to my server, but nothing happens. I left them there
so you would be able to look at them.

You can see the Menu.swf at
And the Navigation at
But the Menu.html will no show up at all.

I have attached all three files as well for you to look at.

SO I hope that helps you figure it out.
Can you give me a step by step instruction as to how to load it into my

Jeff Boardman
Faithware LLC
PO Box 250305
Milwaukee, WI 53225
414-527-1703 Fax


I've checked your files, almost everything is correct.

You have only one mistake. The page is trying to load (navigation.xml)
not (Navigation.xml)

When you will copy the menu code to another pages, don't forget to
copy these three code snippets:

1. Script - <script src='ActiveContentSliding.js'></script>
(by default it is located in the head of the page).
2. Navigation settings - DIV id='menu'.
3. Flash object - DIV id = 'f-source-menu'.

About the XML questions.
Correct.  The code <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> makes no difference.


May 12, 2008

Drop menu below the text

I am the programmer working on the project. Attached is the reference to
our purchase.

I see a problem with these menus and I am sure you may have a fix, since
I have not worked with your menus.

The menu pops up ok, but UNDER the text that is below it.

Header Graphic.
Menu bar - created by your software.
Then Text and main cell will more text.

In Firefox on Mac it runs just fine. Bring it up in IE on Windows... The
menus popup, but not on top of everything else. Even the Graphic Buttons
Below the text. I have two menus that are long and display below that as
well. I need them to display on top of ALL items on the page.

The site I am working in internal, so I cannot show you, perhaps this
screen shot will help.

IT Champaign, IL
Cap and Gown Division
Herff Jones, Inc


Hi Kerby,
that can happen in IE browser, if your text DIV has an absolute
position or relative position style.

There are two solutions:

1. Remove a style="position:relative;" or style="position:absolute;" from the text div.

2. Put the DIV id="f-source-menu" in another DIV with style="position:absolute; z-index:2;"

<div style="position:absolute; z-index:2;">
  <div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;">


Centering the main menu

I am considering buying your product, but I am having trouble with one thing and I would like to know if this is possible.  I would like to center the menu on my page without having to resize it and stretch it across the page.  Is it possible to center a 600px wide menu on a page?


Of course,
just put the DIV id="f-source-menu" in another DIV or table cell with


<div align="center">
   <div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;">

I recommend to start with a blank page using these simple steps:

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


Adobe Menu - background and drop shadow

Is there a way to get rid of the drop shadow and blend?
I just want the menu to be solid orange and with no drop shadow?



set parameter _TransparencyShadow  to 0 in the tag inspector.

May 9, 2008

Drop menu not active with latest flash player

I can't find a resolution to this.  Happens on my wifes computer and a clients computer.  Does not happen on my Vista computer or my Server 2003 system.

Wifes Computer:

XP Pro SP3
Internet Explorer 7

Goes to my Home page, and the menu works perfectly as expected.  Click on any item and you navigate to that page.  Once you do that, however, you cannot use the menu again.  Though the menu appears to be active, it drops, and highlights there is no click capability.  You can't navigate to anyother pages.  If you go back to the home page, the click capability returns on the home page only.


You need to have similar path to SWF file and JS file.
(VistaDropMenu.swf and ActiveContentDropDown.js)

Both start with www -
or both without it -

Or use relative paths instead <param name="movie"
value="DWSite/Menus/VistaDropMenu.swf" /> as you did on the home page.

Looks like the latest version of the flash player is sensitive for that.


May 6, 2008

Drop down problem in Firefox

Having firefox issue where submenu is not live past the first submenu line. Read your blog post from May 5, 2008 and incorporated your script into the div id='f-source..... - this has not corrected the error.
Below is link to live navigation - drop down under main tab 'Surgical Procedures' - you will see first line 'Facelift & Necklift' shows activated but subsequent lines are not active.
All works well in IE but no other browsers.
Your quickest response would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you,
E. Davis


I've checked your page.
The DIV id="container" has a style overflow:auto;
DIV with this style captures a focus from a flash movie in Firefox.

Try to remove it.


May 5, 2008

Problem with menus in Firefox on PC

There is a problem with your menus and Firefox on the PC platform only (Firefox on the Mac works fine, as do all other browsers on both Mac and PC).

When the menu is embedded in a header div using Dreamweaver's own templates, mousing over the menu items no longer brings up the finger, nor does the menu drop down. One has to actually click on the menu to make it work. Sometimes the menus work, sometimes they don't. Sometimes using the vertical scroll bar on the page causes them to stop working.

This is a serious problem and it needs to be resolved. If I'm having it, others will also.

Thank you.

Richard W. Hughes
RWH Publishing & Books
PO Box 2015
Fallbrook, CA 92088


Hi Richard,
you need to add this script onmouseover="if(!ied){i='px');h=Number(,i));'px';}"
to the DIV id="f-source-menu" to fix the issue:

<div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;"
onmouseover="if(!ied){i='px'); h=Number(,i));'px';}" >


Size of menu and Java Script


1. Is there a way to be able to have the height of the menu smaller... at the 64px high it means there is a 40px gap between the menu and the images below - please see my site.

2. I have tried to save the javascript and change the path but it says it can't find the file?

Thanks Jamie


Hi Jamie,

1. Just set the flash object height equal to the menu _mainHeight.

2. I recommend to upload the script (which is provided in the menu
package) to the root directory of your site and set this path:
<script src=''