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May 19, 2008

Navigation to Main Frame

Hi, I wonder if you can help.
I have put the Adobe style menu in my top frame (I have three - Top, Left and main) and I am wanting to know 2 things...
1. How do I get the menu to appear on top of the frames below, the lower menu items when an item is selected is hidden behind the lower frames.
2. How do I get a menu item to open a page in the main frame?

Thanks and apologies but I am a beginner!



Hi Andy,
2. You need to set target="FrameName" for each link: <a href="..."

1. Drop down menu cannot appear on top of another frame. It is
possible with iframes.
But in general, I recommend to avoid using frames or iframes. Probably
you are looking for a way to keep the menu code in one file, I recommend to use
XML instead:

If you cannot get rid of frames, use horizontal menu, such as Macromedia


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