the css menu is not a problem

May 7, 2009

How to load menu settings in Dreamweaver?

A couple of weeks ago, Dreamweaver suddenly wasn't coming up and I had to do a reinstall of the Adobe program suite.  After doing that, the extensions still showed in the extension manager but not on the menus.  Once I re=enabled them, the extension options showed on the appropriate Dreamweaver menus.

The problem is that now that this happened, although the saved files still show the menu as I want it, when I go into your program to edit it - no entries that I made show at all.  The color I used is gone as well as all of the links.

I checked the menu.swf file, and it's bck to the default black menu with the default links showing.  If I save my template, it saves the menu with all of the default values.

My question is:  is there a way that I can re=establish the link from the template (editing) to the existing file that the other html files are all pulling the info from.  I don't know what file to use that might help (the js?)

Any suggestions you may have are greatly appreciated.
I really don't want to have to recreate the entire menu bar and color scheme.



If you have a page with this menu just open the UI and click "Save".
Then you will be able to insert the same menu into other pages.

Also I recommend to update the UI -