the css menu is not a problem

Sep 25, 2008

Macromedia Style Menu search feature

Dear f-source,

I woudering if I can customize the Macromedia Style Menu. I like it style, but I have no use with the search engine feature. Could I possibly take the search feature out and leave the rest?
However... how does the search feature works once implemented in my website? People can search every word from my website?
Although I have no use for now, I would appreciate if you could provide more information about the search feature provided in the Macromedia Style Menu.

Thank you with regards.


use parameter "_showSearchField(Yes/No)"

If you site is indexed by Google, for example, you can use google to
find any word on your site, (href="")
read more: - How to use the search feature?


Sep 24, 2008

All page menus from one file

One of the reasons that I purchased all your menus was so that my website would be search engine friendly. Now that Yahoo and Google can spider regular flash menus, I am wondering if I can use your menus but with a single file as the menu control rather than having to update every page on my site when I make a menu change.
Is that possible?


Hi Ed,
yes, it's possible, using Library item, Server Side Include, or PHP:

The easiest way is XML, but it's not SEO friendly:
However you can use both HTML links (for search engines) and XML (for real navigation settings).


Sep 22, 2008

Can I change the colors of Orange drop down menu?

Love the drop downs but need to know if I can change the color from Orange to say...burnt Orange...that matches my corporate colors...


Of course,
try the free version of the menu.

Use parameter "_menuColor" and these recommendations:


Sep 12, 2008

Can I link to a flash frame instead of href?

I want to load the menu into an existing swf file. The links on the menu should allow the user to navigate to a frame located in the parent swf file instead of going to an http:// address.
Is this possible?


it's impossible. Our menus can work only within HTML

I recommend to put the menu over the SWF file, using z-index.
<div style="position:absolute; top:115px; left:0px; z-index:999;">
<div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;">

You can make anchors in your flash movie:

The menu will link to different html pages with the same SWF, but with
different flash anchors.


Sep 10, 2008

Flash object size

Hello, I'm having a vista drop down menu issue and I'm Using Dreamweaver

I've inserted the menu, it shows up in dreamweaver as a grey box, however
tall I make the box is how many sub menu items that will show up on the web.

I don't want to make the grey area really big in dreamweaver just to see the
menu items, because then on the web page, any pics or text just below the
menu will not show up on the page, they will be much further down.


Hi Mark,
there is no need to make the flash object big.

The size of the flash object must be equal to the main menu bar.

Out script will change the height of the flash object dynamically to
fit the submenus.

Don't forget to disable the active content converter:

Test in browser, press F12 to see how it works.

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


Problem adding nofollow tag

I am trying to optimize my site for search engines and want to control the flow of Pagerank. I tried to add the rel='nofollow' to a link in the menu but it makes the button disappear. I also tried putting single quotes around the nofollow tag but that did not work either. I bought the Metallic Menu last week.

Thank you for your assistance.
Will Horan


the rel="nofollow" isn't compatible with our menu.

I recommend to keep your navigation in XML file:
The xml file won't be indexed by search engines.

Leave in the DIV id="menu" only those links which must be indexed.


Menu in frameset

I'm using your drop down
menus in a site I'm designing. Well they work great except when I try to put
them in a frame. I'm using a frameset in dreamweaver CS3 and whatever I name
the target frame I want them to display in it doesn't work. The buttons
don't function then and when you click on them nothing happens. The links
don't even work. I'm a pretty moderate user of dreamweaver and I haven't had
this problem before. I've tried multiple menus and the same thing happens.
If I target a _blank, or _parent frame the links will work, but it will open
up a blank page. So anyways the main thing I need help from you from is
getting my links to work with your menu to open in a designated frame,
because the target = "frame" doesn't appear to work with your menu. Of
course it works with common rollovers, buttons, etc. Just not with the drop

Mike Edmonds


you need to use target="{Frame-name}" with each button,


<div><a href='' target='secondFrame'>Button1</a></div>

<frameset >
<frame name='menuFrame' src=''>
<frame name='secondFrame' src=''>


Sep 9, 2008

Google Chrome Issues

I've used your Vista drop-down menu for a few months now, and am pretty happy.
I downloaded the new Google Chrome browser today and checked out my website. The menu works only partially. The main buttons don't display the proper text, but the 'button 1' default string. Also the background area renders in the wrong color and overlays the first row of drop down buttons.

When do you expect to test your code with Google Chrome and issue any fixes if such are needed?

You can see the problem by using Google Chrome and navigating to my website (


we've tested it and made a fix.
Use updated script "ActiveContentDropDown.js" (attached).


Sep 8, 2008

Menu Causes Layout Problems

Dear Sir/Madame,

I recently purchased Adobe Style Menu from F-Source. I'd like to put it on top of a page, and the whole layout needs to be 100% wide and 100% high.

The moment I add the menu to my layout though, it generates quite a bit of empty space on the bottom part of the page, along with a scroller bar. I tried a number of ways to avoid that, unfortunately, without much luck. Any ideas to solve the problem will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance,
Val Nanovsky

Sample test pages where you can see the results:



Hi Val,
probably you have a very long DIV id="menu"
try to add the style "display:none" to the DIV id="menu"


Problem - fire fox browers

the menu doesn't show up when using Fire Fox Browers.


for some reason Firefox is sensitive for the "code formatting"

This code won't work in Firefox:
<div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;"><object ...

But this code will work:
<div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;">
<object ...


Sep 1, 2008

Users know where they are

Hi All,

Thanks for the great job guys.
One quick question, is there any way to let the user know where they are on the website? is the website that we are working on and when they choose for example the leasing tab, I want the tab stays open on that page and shows the sub menu automatically.



yes, of course.

Use parameters _activeBNum and _activeSubNum.

Set on your first page _activeBNum=1, on your second page
_activeBNum=2 and so on.
To show your visitors where they are.