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Sep 9, 2008

Google Chrome Issues

I've used your Vista drop-down menu for a few months now, and am pretty happy.
I downloaded the new Google Chrome browser today and checked out my website. The menu works only partially. The main buttons don't display the proper text, but the 'button 1' default string. Also the background area renders in the wrong color and overlays the first row of drop down buttons.

When do you expect to test your code with Google Chrome and issue any fixes if such are needed?

You can see the problem by using Google Chrome and navigating to my website (


we've tested it and made a fix.
Use updated script "ActiveContentDropDown.js" (attached).



badger said...

I still cannot get this to work with Chrome. I have downloaded the script and replaced it in the folder, as well as amending the html file to point to it. I am getting "Flash menu, Button 2, Button 3" etc - which looks like the default. Any advice would be welcome. support said...

If you still have the issue, please send me a link to your page here:

badger said...

Re. Chrome issue. I have sent the link but not seen a response - but I may not be looking in the right place. Did you have any ideas, please? support said...

Ok, publish your link here.

badger said...

Thanks - it is support said...

Very strange issue, but the solution is simple. Just add a line break before < object >.

< div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;">< object - doesn't work.

< div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;">
< object - this will work.

badger said...

Thanks for your help - that worked. Your assistance is much appreciated.

QuietLeni said...

Interestingly, I am getting a related issue with this in IE6.

The problem I am getting is that if I put an anchor at the end of the URL e.g. http://site/page.html#archor_name

It does not pass through the #anchor_name element of the URL and so the page just reloads at the top.

What might I be doing wrong? support said...

Can you send me a link to your testing page?

Please contact through