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Sep 10, 2008

Menu in frameset

I'm using your drop down
menus in a site I'm designing. Well they work great except when I try to put
them in a frame. I'm using a frameset in dreamweaver CS3 and whatever I name
the target frame I want them to display in it doesn't work. The buttons
don't function then and when you click on them nothing happens. The links
don't even work. I'm a pretty moderate user of dreamweaver and I haven't had
this problem before. I've tried multiple menus and the same thing happens.
If I target a _blank, or _parent frame the links will work, but it will open
up a blank page. So anyways the main thing I need help from you from is
getting my links to work with your menu to open in a designated frame,
because the target = "frame" doesn't appear to work with your menu. Of
course it works with common rollovers, buttons, etc. Just not with the drop

Mike Edmonds


you need to use target="{Frame-name}" with each button,


<div><a href='' target='secondFrame'>Button1</a></div>

<frameset >
<frame name='menuFrame' src=''>
<frame name='secondFrame' src=''>


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