the css menu is not a problem

Aug 7, 2015

Build your CSS Menu faster. Video tutorials.

Video introduction to Swimbi by Tom from

Swimbi app is a huge help for web designer or web developers. Swimbi Swift Menu Builder will save you time and money on over the counter headache meds when it comes to building navigation menus for your clients or yourself.

If you are like me one of the most annoying aspects of designing a website is the time you need to spend building the navigation menu. I feel like most of the time spent designing a website is spent on designing the navigation menu. I came across a software called Swimbi Swift Menu Builder. Do not confuse Swift in the title with the Swift Programming Language.  Swift stands for how fast you will be able to design a menu for your website. This software will help you quickly build stylish CSS menus for your website without all trial and error we have all done in the past and the best part you do not need any coding knowledge to use this software.

Swimbi - detailed options overview by Tom from

This tour of the Swimbi Swift Menu Builder user interface will be only an overview of all the options that we can use in our menu builds. We will actually build a few menus in the next couple Swimbi Tutorials.  If you haven’t already done so download the Swimbi App Once you have the app open we can take our tour through all the options we have for designing some CSS menus.