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May 5, 2008

Problem with menus in Firefox on PC

There is a problem with your menus and Firefox on the PC platform only (Firefox on the Mac works fine, as do all other browsers on both Mac and PC).

When the menu is embedded in a header div using Dreamweaver's own templates, mousing over the menu items no longer brings up the finger, nor does the menu drop down. One has to actually click on the menu to make it work. Sometimes the menus work, sometimes they don't. Sometimes using the vertical scroll bar on the page causes them to stop working.

This is a serious problem and it needs to be resolved. If I'm having it, others will also.

Thank you.

Richard W. Hughes
RWH Publishing & Books
PO Box 2015
Fallbrook, CA 92088


Hi Richard,
you need to add this script onmouseover="if(!ied){i='px');h=Number(,i));'px';}"
to the DIV id="f-source-menu" to fix the issue:

<div id="f-source-menu" style="position:relative;"
onmouseover="if(!ied){i='px'); h=Number(,i));'px';}" >



indispensable said...

I have the same problem. I try your solution: the problem remain the same ! Can you send us a correct fix for this serious bug ?
best regards.

Webmaster / Escale Numerique support said...

Hi Paul,
please send me a link to your page with the problem.
Use support page