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May 15, 2008

Vista Sliding Menu XML

Well I finally got the menu bar all set-up. There must be a bug in my
Dreamweaver program.

I went in and looked at my Active content converter and it was unchecked as
it should be. Just for the heck of it, I checked it and saved it, then went
in and unchecked it again and resaved it and then started from scratch.
After doing that everything worked fined. I was able to simply set-up the
menu bar and all the links tracked properly. Just to make sure it wasn't me,
I tried again from scratch and it would not work until I went through the
process of checking and unchecking the Active Content Converter???? Anyway
it works now and I am already to load it.

I love the way it looks and works BUT I am now having problems loading it
into my website.  So can you give me a step by step of how to replace my old
menu with the new one? I ask for your patience, though. Just to mention I
build my website myself and can move around Dreamweaver pretty well, but I
am self taught, so I am dangerous. There is a lot I know and can do, but
there are definite gaps in my knowledge. So consider me a newbie.

I set-up the page just like it says in your "Easy Steps for Newbie's"

So I have several files. I have a "Menu.swf", I have a "Menu.html" and I
set-up a "navigation.xml". I changed the xml_path in the Flash Element in
the Menu.html to the navigation file. But I just see a blank area where my
menu should be on my local site pages. I tried to follow your directions
that come with the menu but I am obviously doing something wrong.

2 things I am unclear on -

1) I am unclear on the Navigation.xml. Let me verify that when I opened up a
blank xml file and copied the "DIV id="menu" and I copy each line of the
entire menu and my links. Correct?  But nothing else that was in the HTML. I
have attached that file for you to look at.
I left line 1 in when you set-up a blank XML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
- should that stay with the page?
I tried it both ways, with it in and out of the file. It mad e no

2) When in Dreamweaver, I test the menu bar by pushing f12 and every thing
looks good. The menu bar comes up with a white background and works
properly, but when I exit Dreamveaver and test the site pages locally, it
does not come up at all, the site page comes up with a blank spot where the
menu should be.

I moved the three files to my server, but nothing happens. I left them there
so you would be able to look at them.

You can see the Menu.swf at
And the Navigation at
But the Menu.html will no show up at all.

I have attached all three files as well for you to look at.

SO I hope that helps you figure it out.
Can you give me a step by step instruction as to how to load it into my

Jeff Boardman
Faithware LLC
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Milwaukee, WI 53225
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I've checked your files, almost everything is correct.

You have only one mistake. The page is trying to load (navigation.xml)
not (Navigation.xml)

When you will copy the menu code to another pages, don't forget to
copy these three code snippets:

1. Script - <script src='ActiveContentSliding.js'></script>
(by default it is located in the head of the page).
2. Navigation settings - DIV id='menu'.
3. Flash object - DIV id = 'f-source-menu'.

About the XML questions.
Correct.  The code <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> makes no difference.


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