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May 9, 2008

Drop menu not active with latest flash player

I can't find a resolution to this.  Happens on my wifes computer and a clients computer.  Does not happen on my Vista computer or my Server 2003 system.

Wifes Computer:

XP Pro SP3
Internet Explorer 7

Goes to my Home page, and the menu works perfectly as expected.  Click on any item and you navigate to that page.  Once you do that, however, you cannot use the menu again.  Though the menu appears to be active, it drops, and highlights there is no click capability.  You can't navigate to anyother pages.  If you go back to the home page, the click capability returns on the home page only.


You need to have similar path to SWF file and JS file.
(VistaDropMenu.swf and ActiveContentDropDown.js)

Both start with www -
or both without it -

Or use relative paths instead <param name="movie"
value="DWSite/Menus/VistaDropMenu.swf" /> as you did on the home page.

Looks like the latest version of the flash player is sensitive for that.


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