the css menu is not a problem

Jun 19, 2008

Where to get file 'ActiveContent3_2a.js'


I just bought your product and it's great. In the code there is a message saying that I can get this .js file so it speeds up script loading. Where can I get this for download?


Cristian Rojas


Hi Cristian,
the script file is included in the menu package.



stores said...

We bought this for a website and it's awesome, but having some problems. Is there a newer version of this javascript? I am running ActiveContent.js, and the menus are getting cut off in safari and opera. I installed this file you posted here and now the submenus won't expand, but the problems in safari and FF are gone. What is the newest ActiveContent.js file?

stores said...

Amendment to above. We are using the script in the code: and it's cutting the menus off when placed in a table. Replacing with with 3_2a fixes the cutting off problem in safari and opera BUT no submenus will expand in ANY browser.