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Jun 23, 2008

search box config POST or GET method

 I purchased the Live Style menu. It's a very quality product. I should have purchased all menus. Can I upgrade my single domain purchase of $33.33 to an All Multidomain Menus purchase of $99.99 by paying only the difference of $66.66?

Is it possible to use the Live Style search box with a script that uses the POST method? For example, this is what I currently use:
%u2039form method='POST' action=''%u203A%u2039input type='text' name='keywords' size='30'%u203A%u2039input type='submit' value='Search' name='B1'%u203A%u2039/form


I have tried many ways, but can't get it to work. I've also tried a few GET methods, but I can't get those to work either. I've searched your impressive list of responses to questions, but can't find the answer after many hours. A search box would be helpful ;]  Thanks for your time.



Hi Ryan,
1. Yes, use this special link please:

[ truncated ]

2. A menu can search only with the GET method.

You can easily adapt any GET search, using these steps:

- Test a search form, make a search of "test string"
- Copy a resulting URL from a browser address bar.
- Replace & with %26 in the resulting URL (do not replace, if you keep the DIV id="menu" in an XML file)
- Move the query parameter (q=test+string) to the end of the URL and remove the "test string"

For example a google custom search generates this URL:

A menu search button should have this URL:
a href="


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