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Jun 19, 2008

Submenu height limit

Where's Dmitry?  I've sent 2 emails to the support email address but both were returned in error?  He had helped me with some previous menu issues, I always appreciated it.  Prompt and professional.

I've run into another problem that I can't figure out.  One of my drop down menus gets cut off on the bottom?  Is there a maximum limit to the number of menu choices they can hold?

Could I send you a screen shot or the XML code that populates the menu so you could actually see this issue?

Test link: Click on 'Online Catalog' and then 'And More...' on the menu at the top of the page.  In the drop down submenu of 'And More...', the last four menu choices are being cut off...

This site is about finished so any help would be greatly appreciated,


Brian Dykes
1916 Fox Mountain Road
Columbus, NC 28722


Hi Brian,
you can extend the maximum height for submenus:

- open your copy of the script
- find the string "areah=450"
- set desired value, for example "areah=600"


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