the css menu is not a problem

Jun 2, 2008

Download a file via menu button click

It's posible to set one of the button to force a download of a particular file?
Can you provide me with alittle code sample to set the button?

Thank You

Daniel Diez


Here is an example of button code:
<div><a href='' target='_self'>Download</a></div>

href='[direct link to the file]'



Robyn said...

I'm trying this way to get some customer support. I've used your contact form twice with a menu problem but haven't received a response - I've searched through all my spam too. My name is Robyn Dombrowski and my email is I have a problem with the Mac Style menu - when there are a lot of submenu items, the highlight which shows which page you're on does not show or partially shows in the wrong place.

I'm on a deadline and need some help please - please email me back and I will again provide examples.

Thanks - Robyn Dombrowski support said...

Hi Robyn,
I've checked your code.
You have an error in the submenu code: (<div>  </div>)

<div id='submenu'>
<div>  </div>
<div>Step 1: Nison Novice</div>

Remove this line: (<div>  </div>)