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Apr 21, 2008

Yahoo Style Menu Bar - display over HTML

Im very sorry if I have missed how to do this within your helpful and informative instructions and tutorials.

But how do I get my yahoo style menu to display OVER normal HTML?  and is this feature within all the menus? or just the newer ones i have downloaded recently.

Whilst Im asking questions how do i also get my websites that i have used f-source menus on your list of menu user links.

Keep up the good work F-source !!

Andy Connell


Hi Andy,
the menu must dispaly over normal html by default.

Possibly you forgot to disable the active content converter:

- disable the active content converter
- remove all the menu code from your page
- insert the menu again

I recommend to start with a blank page using these simple steps:

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


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