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Apr 4, 2008

Navigation and iframe, open a link in an iframe

Hi Corinne,
I've tested your code and found that everything is correct,
it will work only if you replace the iframe name and id with "content"
instead of "_content".

Rather strange, but now it work in all browsers.

<iframe class="frame" name="content" id="content" frameborder="0"></iframe>

and the button link:

<div><a href=''



> Hi
> I've tried to conntact you over the support on the homepage, but whenever I
clicked on view and send, my browser crashed.
> So I decided to write to you directly. I have a the following problem:
> I'm using the vista menu and a iframe in my page. My submenu button
'Endontologie' of the mainbutton 'Angebote' should open a new html page in
the iframe.
> <div><a href='flash/endodontologie.html'
> <iframe class="frame" name="_content" frameborder="0"></iframe>
> Iframe style:
> iframe.frame
> {
> position: absolute;
> margin-left: -440px;
> left: 50%;
> width: 100%;
> height: 480px;
> visibility: visible;
> text-align:center;
> border: none;
> z-index: 6000;
> }
> This all works great in the internet explorer but firefox opens a neu
browser windows to display the linked page instead of displaying it in the

> Thx for your help.
> Greets
> Corinne

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