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Apr 1, 2008

XML format (Save As UTF-8)

Many thanks!!

I have finaly made it!
My problem was that I was creating a .xml file from Dreamweaver CS3...
but with the notepad it went all good.

Best regards
Pedro Gouveia

> Hi Pedro,
> all you need is to save the XML file in UTF-8 format.
> For example in the Notepad:
> Save As ==> Format ==> UTF-8.
> Dmitry
> >
> > Some days ago I sent to you an email with this same problem, and yet I
did not solve it because you didn't answer me properly.
> > Problem:
> > I want to put some special characters in a xml like '%uFFFD' or
> > I have already tried your FAQ notes and couldn't manage to solve this.
> > Here are the URL's:
> >
> >

> > Please, try to help me fast because I can't put that page online too
much time that way.
> >
> > Regards
> > Pedro Gouveia
> >

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