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Apr 9, 2008

Mac Style Menu - Jumps to middle

Hi, just bought the menus and have used one here

the menu bar is a bit long, I was wondering how to shorten it to the
legnth of the buttons. also it seems to jump to the gallery, no matter
what page I am on. So that it looks like I am on the gallery page even
when I am not
any suggestions



Hi Dave,

1. Use parameter _BUTTONWIDTH to shorten each button/tab.
To shorten the submenu bar you need to put the menu in another DIV or
table cell with a smaller width.

2. The menu has a parameter "_activeBNum". (3 by default)

I recommend to set on your first page _activeBNum=1, on your second
page _activeBNum=2 and so on.
To show your visitors where they are.


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