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Apr 9, 2008

Incorporating flash menus into another flash movie

I really like your menu system and it seems logical (and cost
effective) to just buy the tool and go with it. The only problem I
have is, what I * really * want to do is incorporate a pull up or down
menu that exists as a layer within a flash presentation, with a
'movie' background. I have the movie background down pat, now I want
to 'layer' a menu over it. It is a great effect! To see exactly the
type of pull down menu I am talking about, please visit: If your product can do this, I'll buy. I
am afraid that because it is a 'plug' of sorts, I won't have access to
the raw .fla code, that would allow me to do such a thing?



Hi Kyle,
there is no need to incorporate a menu into another flash movie.

Use CSS styles to place a menu over the flash presentation.

Don't use z-index, just add wmode=transparent to the flash presentation,
see example here: ==> - Drop down menu seem to be dropping underneath another flash movie. How to fix it?


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