the css menu is not a problem

Jan 14, 2015

Swimbi - CSS Menu Builder v1.5.0

New version of Swimbi (the Swift Menu Builder) is released.

It has many improvement of UI. New help system. Faster tab switch etc.

Create your perfect website menu for free with Swimbi.

- easily add icons (450+) included,
- unlimited drop down menus,
- SEO friendly,
- mobile devices compatible,


HalfMexi said...

How do you make the menu navigation stay behind a Shadowbox pop-up image? Right now it stays on top of ALL images.

HalfMexi said...

Just switched to version 1.8.2 but cannot find any configurations that help.

dmpost said...

Try to change z-index, make sure the shadowbox have bigger z-index value.
Can you publish a testing page and send us the link?
Please contact us using the form

Robert F. Crocker said...

Very useful tips!! Thanks, i had the same problem and this really helped me! psd to email

Abdul Bari Chanessra said...

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Nemco said...

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