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Oct 12, 2008

Problem after upgrading DW to 8.0.2

Every thing was going great, then I upgraded to DW 8.0.2 to fix a FTP issue. Now when I open a page in DW with a f-source flash menu I get a warning that the page contains Object tags that are improper. DW then adds the following code to my page: <script src='Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

Now the navigation menu is back to default. See for the page with issues. See for a page that displays correct. Please advise...



your flash menu code was converted.
The Dreamweaver update 8.0.2 contains Active Content Converter which
is not compatible with our menu.

Disable the active content converter:

Replace the code inside of the DIV id="f-source-menu" with original
flash menu code.


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