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Oct 20, 2008

Two lines text formatting


I would like to make some of the titles for my buttons two lines, normally I would use < br > to do this, but Dreamweaver isn't allowing me to. What can I do to fix this?

Thank You!

Karen Ficke


use encoded <br/> - &lt;br/&gt;

For example: < div><a href='http://...'>Line1 &lt;br/&gt; Line 2</a>< /div>



kristinpgh said...

I have inserted the <br/> code into my button text as you suggested, but it is not inserting a line break.

Kristin support said...

It must be encoded BR tag - <br/>, also your menu must have bigger height.

Send me a link, If you still have problem with it.

kristinpgh said...

I have added the encoded BR tag as you showed in the original post, but it's not working. See my test page:

Also, when I use IE 7, the menu does not appear. It looks fine in Firefox (except for above button problem). support said...

Oh yes, in the current version of this menu it doesn't work.
Write me on support please.
I will send you new version of the menu. (I will need some order info)