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Jul 24, 2008

Pre-purchase question, background, conversion

Dear F-Source,

I have downloaded your trial version of the Adobe Stlye Menu software, and am considering purchasing it.  I have been searching for a pop-up menu that works on all platforms (the Spry menu on my Dreamweaver software does not position its menus correctly on Explorer, because of Explorer's non-CSS compliance; your Flash menu does seem to work on Explorer).  I am wondering about 2 or 3 things before I make the purchase:

1.  Would I be able to put my own background image, with a rollover image as well, into the menu entries instead of having background colors?

2.  If so, do you have a page with a listing (or can you direct me to such a listing) of the various parameters used or available to be used in the 'FlashVars' code (including their meanings)?

3.  Whenever I open my Dreamweaver file with this menu trial version, I get a message that certain tags may not render properly in the most recent versions of Explorer.  It asks whether I want to convert them to browser-safe scripts.  If I do this, though, the menu no longer renders correctly in other browsers (the menu will be chopped off below the first menu entry).  Without doing this conversion, it renders properly in Explorer 6, but I haven't had an opportunity to check Explorer 7 yet (I plan to do this today).

Do you believe this conversion to be needed for any versions of Explorer, or should I disallow it altogether?

Thank you for your assistance.  I look forward to the possibility of doing business with F-Source to fill this (and any other) need on my websites.

Mark Kupke


Hi Mark,

1. Adobe Style Menu (for example) can be fully transparent with your
own background image, but with our rollover effect.


3. Disable the active content converter:
Our menus have a built-in solution of the problem.

I recommend to start with a blank page using these simple steps:

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


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