the css menu is not a problem

Aug 1, 2008

Which code to paste.

I got one of your menus quite some time ago. I created it about a year ago, but haven't had time to finish it for my website--I now have time.  It's not perfect, but I want to copy and paste the code into my real page, but can't tell which code to copy and paste and also where to paste it.  Please help.


I recommend to insert the menu on a blank page.
You will see which code was added.

Paste all the menu code in one place in this order:

- script "ActiveContent..."
- DIV id="menu"
- DIV id="f-source-menu"



Gabriel said...

Hello, I just bought the menu for a site I used only the domain when I was on registration, so now if anybody enters the menu works great, but if they put (including www.) the menu stops working, I need to solve this asap.

thanks for your help
my email is support said...

Use a relative path instead of an absolute one:


< param name="movie" value="" />


< param name="movie" value="templates/menu/menu.swf" />