the css menu is not a problem

Mar 6, 2008

Business DropDown Menu Error

Hi Constance,
possibly you forgot to include in your template the script:
<script src=''
(you can keep the script file "ActiveContentDropDown.js" on your server)
The script included in the menu package.
By default the script is inserted in the head of a page.

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


> I have Business DD menu in my Navigation Menu within my template.
While looking at the template of the Menu in the Web Browser, it looks
fine, but when I start to navigate to the other pages, I get an error
saying, 'This page is not connected with the script file
'ActiveContentDropDown.js'. I am using your product/extension in
Dreamweaver CS3 and would like to fix this problem. I think your
products are very nice looking and easy to edit, so if you could
please let me know , what I am doing wrong and how I can connect the
script to the files. I would appreciate it. I am testing the pages on
my locally on my computer.
> Thanks for your help, Constance

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