the css menu is not a problem

Mar 6, 2008

Can I use my navigation image as a background for a menu

you can make a main menu bar transparent and place it over your own
background image.
For example the Adobe Style Menu have three settings:
_TransparencyMain, _TransparencyShadow, _TransparencySub.

If you will need transparency in another menu, which doesn't have it.
I will add the feature for you for free.


> I am interested in your product, I have a navigation bar with a
certain image that we created in photoshop, we would like to use the
slices as the main navigation and use your drop down boxes as the drop
down menu, can this be done.
> If not, can I use my navigation image as a background in a cell
and use your created buttons as the first level, if so these first
level navigation must be text on a transparent background in order to
my image in the background. Here is a sample Web site that we need to
use a drop down menu for,


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