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Mar 11, 2008

Flash Menu height restriction?

Hi Arthur,
you can increase the max height of the flash area.

- open your copy of the script "ActiveContentVertical.js" (by default
the script is loaded in the head of your page from script file
included in the menu package)
- find the string "areah=450"
- set desired value, for example "areah=600"


> Hi,
> I'd like to purchase your FV menu, but while testing your free
download version I discovered that after adding more than 18 buttons
to the menu it doesn't display any more after this number. In fact it
doesn't even display the submenu of the last (bottom) button in full
as it gets cut off again. There seems to be some menu height
restrictions that stop it from displaying any more buttons. I've tried
changing all the Height properties (on layer, menu object, anywhere I
could really) and nothing helps. I'm wondering... is it some kind of
limitation on the evaluation version or are there any restrictions
that won't allow me to have a taller menu?
> Please help as I desperately need to implement a menu on our site.
And if not this one then I'll have to look for an alternative
solution. Please reply as soon as you can.
> Greatly appreciated. Thank you.
> Arthur.

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