the css menu is not a problem

Mar 13, 2008

Fit menu width of div

Hi Barry,
the vista menu can have only fixed width,
but you can extend the flash menu with the image to get similar effect,
here is an example with the Business style menu:


> Just bought the bundle of menus. Inside a div that doesn't have a
width rule (using css not tables etc.) I insert a ruby red menu and it
beautifully fits to the width of the div and when the window of the
browser is resized it also resizes. I notice in the html code the
width shows '100%'. I want to have the same result when using the
vista menu but it stays a fixed width. I've entered 100% in both the
html code and in the 'stretch_with_to' box thinking it might be that
but it isn't. Can you help please?
> Regards, Barry Goodwin.

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