the css menu is not a problem

Mar 13, 2008

Menu styles and types

1. Possibly the submenu goes over some page element which effect to
the menu. (Send me a link, I will help)

2. The style won't effect to the menu. That's how the flash works. The
<strong> tag won't effect. Only encoded <b> tag will work.

3. You can modify some horizontal menu, to make it looking flat, for
example you can make the Adobe Style menu transparent and place any
image as a background. (by using CSS style for the DIV


> Hi Dmitry,
> Thank you for your quick reply and a helpful answer.
> I tried your suggestion and it works just perfectly. Except...
> I noticed that when you create more than 3 submenus anything
beyond that level is inaccessible and any expanded part of the menu
> disappears, just as if you'd move your mouse out of the menu.
Plus, this only happens in Firefox. Which is why I won't sue. ;)
> Seriously tho, I don't need it right now but I thought I'd mention
it since I spotted it while testing.

2. Another question I have is - Can I apply an attribute to any
tag/div/section to change the formatting a little bit easier? What I
> mean is (for instance)... to make labels bolded I currently have
to apply the <strong or bold> tag to the individual label. I'd like
> to be able to apply this attrib to all top-menu labels and all
sub-menu labels at one go (for example - <div id='submenu'
> style='font-weight:bold'). Similarly to capitalize all labels with
the CSS style rule of "text-transform:capitalize"?
3. And the last thing...
> I'd like to purchase the whole multisite menu pack, but even with
this pack I couldn't find a HORIZONTAL flat menu. Does this mean
> there isn't one that can go together with the vertical one? And if
so... would it be possible to modify the vertical menu for us?
> Thank you again,
> Arthur

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