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Mar 2, 2008

Flash Menu SEO question

Hi Clare,
good question.

Google documentation ==> Hidden text and links

Some key sentences:

"If your site is perceived to contain hidden text and links that are
deceptive in intent, your site may be removed from the Google index"

"If you do find hidden text or links on your site, either remove them
or, if they are relevant for your site's visitors, make them easily

In fact our hidden links are "easily viewable" and clickable in a flash menu.

We have another example of use of hidden text on our FAQ page:

It is legitimate usage, not "deceptive in intent" they are "easily viewable". All hidden text is indexed, for example, here is the answer to the first question from the FAQ page:


> Hi,
> I wanted to try the multicolor menu, but am a little worried that
my website will be penalised by the SE for using a hidden div tag for
the links that are in the flash menu.
> I thought that Google would see the use of a hidden div as spam,
even though it is a legitimate use of it in this case.
> Can you suggest anything or have any information that would put my
mind at rest about using a hidden div for my site menu?
> Thanks
> Clare Ross
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rv: gecko/20080201 firefox/

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