the css menu is not a problem

Mar 8, 2008

Mac Style Menu Active Content Converter

Yes, it is compatible with Mac Leopard and Dreamweaver CS3.

Possibly you forgot to remove a converted menu code.

I recommend to start with a blank page using these simple steps:

If you will have some problem, publish your test page and send me the link,
I will help.


> This program is having real problems with Mac - Leopard and
Dreamweaver CS3? Is it compatible?
> It keeps telling me to disable the active content thing and I have!
> Roger


sofia said...

What about Dreamweaver 8 and Mac OS 10.4.9

I just installed the AppleMenu on my Dreamweaver and in does not apear on the insert menu... What am I doing wrong????

Saludos support said...

- Close Dreamweaver.
- Double click on the "macStyleMenuFull.mxp" to start installation process.
- Start Dreamweaver.
- The menu will be accessible at: Insert => Media => Mac style menu

sofia said...

Already did the instalation as you reomended but it just does not appear in my menu...

please take a look at this image to be downladed under

I also tried to restart my Dreamweaver

But it just does not appear...
By the way, why does the Adobe menu appears while the Mac menu seems to be on vacations???

What am I doing wrong???

Saludos and Thanks

Sorry about the download, but it seems to be the eassiest way of sharing images with this comment