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Mar 3, 2008

Using 2 different menus on one page

Please disregard this.

Your help has been great, thanks.
Just a couple more quick ones and I think I have it:

1. The vertical menu bar always says to 'click to activate to use this
control' -- how can I stop that? The horizontal one does not do that.
2. Can you tell me why I have so much space between the horizontal menu bar
and the vertical one (and the table that contains the title "Welcome to
Dodger Digital Design"):

3. In the vertical menu bar, is there a way I can use a background image
instead of a background color?

Thank you!

Steve Murphy

I recommend to put one menu inside of iframe.
Here is example page:

Iframe page "menu.html":


> Do you have any suggestions on using two of your menus on one page?
> See my page, it is repeating the first menu. Probably has something to
do with the 'script' tag?
> I would like to use both the horizontal and the vertical menus on this
> Thanks.

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